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LTC Trend Tracker℠


The following registration procedure to utilize and submit data to LTC Trend Tracker℠ (LTCTT) is to be completed by an authorized representative of the organization or facility. As part of the registration process, the authorized individual will designate an individual to be the authorized account administrator of LTCTT for your organization/facility. LTCTT representatives will contact the designated administrator to complete the registration process to get your organization's facilities online, regularly submit data to LTCTT, manage LTCTT access for your organization, and undertake other administrative functions as needed.

For registration to be complete and for your organization to have access to LTCTT you must complete the following four easy steps (all spreadsheets will be provided by LTCTT): 1. Register below for your facility type 2. Complete and submit the facility list for your organization to LTCTT 3. Complete and submit the LTCTT user list for your organization to LTCTT and 4. Receive training on using and uploading the RUG Data. Prior to any facility having access to LTCTT AHCA membership must be verified.

Multi-Facility Organization

A "multi-facility" organization is any group (two or more) of facilities under common ownership (Registration must be done by the corporate office).

Register as a Multi-Facility Organization
Individual Facility/Owner

An "individual facility" is any facility that is NOT part of a multi-facility organization (if your organization has two or more facilities please have your corporate office register).

Register as an Individual Owner/Facility

LTC Trend Tracker℠ is a free benefit for AHCA/NCAL members. If you are not a member of AHCA/NCAL, learn more about the benefits of AHCA/NCAL membership.

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